Looking For A Discontinued, Rare Or Long Forgotten T-Shirt? Then I Can Help!

While I’m out there pounding the sidewalk looking for good items to support my obsession with the next latest and greatest vintage t-shirt keep in mind that I seeΒ a TON of t-shirts! I’m serious. Like, this many:


Out of all these, only a few can be chosen. These chosen few are those that are worth my time posting on eBay. Using my Rain Man-ish powers of memory, I remember instantaneously how well similar t-shirts like this have sold in the past which in turn affects my decision to (more than likely) buy the shirt.

Now, there are instances where I run across shirts whose similarities mirror items that haven’t sold so well in the past. T-shirts like this:


I wouldn’t buy this t-shirt for any reason. However, if you hit me up on my Facebook page, Instagram or email (holyideatees@cox.net) with a short comment like, “Hey Chris, if you ever see a t-shirt of Bert and Ernie promoting afros could you please pick it up for me?” then I would 100% get it for you.

Seriously dude. No problem.

*Fist Bump*





7 thoughts on “Looking For A Discontinued, Rare Or Long Forgotten T-Shirt? Then I Can Help!

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  3. Ive been looking for a specific vintage harley shirt for years. Im looking to get a better quality version of a shirt that was my fathers that really means alot to me. I want to put this one in a frame and still be able to wear it essentially. I have pictures. Id pay alot to have it. Seriously.

    The front is an eagle fighting a dragon. The back says “Rocky Mountains 1979 – 1989”


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