I Pity The Fool Who Doesn’t Like Mr. T’s Head Replaced With A Cat Head

Click photo to view t-shirt in eBay store (available as of 10/17/14)

How do you remember Mr. T? I remember he made wearing 8,000 gold chains look awesome and he was impressed with Bo Jackson and his “bionic hip wit da aaahm”:

Mr. T is an incredible piece of pop culture and the internet is obsessed with catsΒ so how could you go wrong with a t-shirt representing both? The alternative would have been something like this which I’m not sure would have been as profitable:


“I pity the fool who can’t make it to the litter box in time”

Actually, I take that back, it probably would’ve been more profitable. It might have been the most profitable shirt in the history of t-shirts (Note to self: print Mr. T with cat head t-shirts, make millions).


All this talk about cats makes meow remember I just scared the shit out of my cat yesterday. If you wanna see the video, head on over to my Facebook page and check it out.


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