Did You Know Vintage T-Shirts Make Great Stocking Stuffers?


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So, I guess you know by now that Christmas is coming!? Maybe you can tell by the decorations you see around town. Maybe its the Christmas music they’re playing on the radio. Maybe it’s the “under-the-table” nudges you get from your significant other when that Zales Diamond Jewelers ad comes on the television. Whatever the case may be, you can’t avoid it. Christmas is coming for you.

Stockings are my favorite part of the gift-giving Christmas process. I think it’s because you receive so many small items at once. Its an exercise in immediate gratification many times in quick succession. Each item you pull out is observed, talked about and studied before moving on to the next. Whether you like the item or not, it can be quickly pushed aside and you can move on to the next thing.

Which brings me to this point: Vintage T-shirts make great stocking stuffers!

Vintage T-Shirts are malleable. They possess that pliabilityΒ to fit between the crevices and gaps of the shaving kits or restaurant gift cards and make themselves an excellent addition to any stocking! Β However, it isn’t their ability to fit in small spaces that make them an attractive addition, it’s because ofΒ these things called “memories”. Β I’ve been known to drum up a memory or two on occasion and (if its the right kind of memory) they are fun to revisit.

For example, I remember when I was 19 andΒ got alcohol poisoning on Southern Comfort and woke up with a really weird rug burn on my forehead.Β I’m reminded of that experience every time I see this vintage tee:


Click to see in eBay store

Oh, wait. Maybe that’s not a memory worth revisiting.

Okay,Β so lets try you! Maybe your mom really liked Bull TerriersΒ “like the one in those Bud Light Commercials”. She even wanted one when you were a kid but your dad hated dogs and she never got one. If you just insert aΒ vintage Spuds MacKenzie t-shirt into her stocking, it’ll make the memory of how much of a jerk your father was a little less painful:

Click to see in eBay store

Click to see in eBay store

Or, how about that one time you were in a dart league and weren’t paying attention and accidentally threw a dart into that guys cheek bone? This t-shirt may bring a laugh or two:

Click to see in eBay store

Click to see in eBay store

Remember how you always used to pretend like you were surfing every time “Surfin’ USA” came on the radio? Maybe this tee would bring a smile to your face:

Click to see eBay store

Click to see in eBay store

How about when you went to that Iron Maiden concert and passed out in the bathroom before the concert even started because that wasn’t candy that one guy gave you. This t-shirt might make the pain of missing the concert a little better:


Click to see in eBay store

Perhaps one of these scenarios isn’t one of the 5689Β Septendecillion possible scenarios out there that bring you seven degrees from a vintage t-shirt about the first every solar powered car race (because I have those too) but memories run deep and you never know what may spark a powerful, nostalgic emotion over an old t-shirt.

Which brings me full circle: Vintage T-shirts make great stocking stuffers!

Everyone has memories. Chances are there’s probably a t-shirt for it.

Maybe I have one here.


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