Low-Balling Feels More Like Blue Balling


Inevitably when you sell things in an open marketplace, you’re going to have those consumers who think they may just slip one by you and get something you’re selling on the cheap.

They might offer me $15 on an item I have priced for $100, or just offer me the option to discount a newly listed item for them because I’m not trying to make a living doing this or anything:

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 12.36.14 PM

Now, I utilize eBays “Best Offer” option on some of my listings for any number of reasons. I may purposefully price an item higher than I think it’s worth to draw in offers and get the price I really want OR I could mess around and sell it for higher than I anticipated it being worth.

Whatever the case may be, I always get someone who makes it feel as though I’m being “teased” (thus the blue balls reference) with an offer that’s WAAAAAAYYY below what I hope to get for it which makes me think to myself, “Why? Why are you an asshole ‘Person On The Other End Of This Message’?”

Maybe it’s just a cultural thing?

Maybe it’s just someone testing me to see if I’m on the other end?

Maybe they just forgot to add another digit to that offer?

Maybe… well… maybe they’re just an asshole! Maybe some people can’t appreciate how hard it is to find quality vintage T-shirts and feel the need to be “That Person Who Can’t Appreciate How Hard It Is To Find Quality Vintage T-Shirts”?

To those people: I’m sorry for being an asshole about your asshole-y tendencies.

To everyone else: don’t lowball people. It just makes you look like an asshole.



One thought on “Low-Balling Feels More Like Blue Balling

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